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Seot-Tournament Kite (SEO-T3)

USD $1.40

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Category : Antiques & Collectibles, Crafts, Arts, Others
Payment : T/T
Packaging : Wrapped in box, Price FOB, with minimum order 250
Product Stock : 1,000 / Month
Delivery : 4 week
Product Description

Seot-Tournament Kite (SEO-T3)

Product Code: SEO-T3

The price is per piece, with a minimum order of 250 pcs.

This handcrafted kite is using  Lito Paper 20 Gram material 

and the frame is made of Tali bamboo, with an oval cut.

The Seot-Tournament Kite is designed for kite tournaments, using a sharp thread or sharp yarn against its opponents (specialized for a kite tournament),

which requires an Agile, and aggressive movement to win.

The image or design is printed on paper.

Flying maneuver: Agile, energetic, light, and easy to fly

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